Wednesday, 13 July 2016

"Epiphany"- Light Art Projection Installation- Finalist 2016 Chippendale New World Art Prize

"Epiphany," (a projection onto canvas) is inspired by colour, beauty and the spiritual uses new world technology much like a painter that sketches a study for a painting. I have misused phone app software to make electronic sketches as small as 2kb in size (rather than pencil) that have been enlarged, changed and continually developed and screenshot until I have been satisfied in its final form for an oil painting or this projection work which goes onto canvas. This particular work asks- is it a painting, a photograph, a projected light work, a moving image, a technological installation, an abstract work or realism? Is it about technology and beauty?
‘Epiphany’ uses the aesthetics of and the discipline of painting (once claimed as ‘dead’) where painting continues to be inspired by new and exciting technologies that also seem to impact on our social culture, identity, beauty and the everyday.

There are about 2-3 Billion people using mobile phone app edited images distorting their reality to make their lives and reflective images seem more beautiful than they really are and thus creating a pseudo reality phenomenon. How does this influence attitudes about identity and beauty? What are the social consequences on the human psyche, its impact and our attitudes in contemporary society?

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