Thursday, 4 September 2014

2014 Jan Cleveringa- "Who?"

2014 Jan Cleveringa- "Who?"
Acrylic Paint, Bones and Resin on Canvas,
62 x 62 x 4cm

I have rejected my usual approach to painting for a more installation type work using uncomfortable materials in a passionate way about my spiritual experience through depressed eyes. Depression a has been exposed using a ghastly experience being expressed through somewhat ghostly and disturbing material. Nothing can be more naturally insecure than to expose deep horrible feelings of despair, loss and contradictory hope in the conundrum of depression.

The stigma, the discrimination about mental health, and the commonality of the illness in our growing society. The emotional realities like switching realms allows for a changed spiritual perception and for life changing different views. An experience, hard to share in intensity.

In this work, I collected these bones for over a year from chickens that I ate whilst thinking about this work, unsure of what would result or if I would use them. I just needed to collect them. Each bone having been in my mouth and their flesh ingested symbolise the organic human needs like hunger, love and morbidity raising the big faith questions of "Who am I and why?" Hence, feeding off the flesh of animals and the normal but ritualistic time taken to do this provide a disturbing recognition and almost urky realisation of the human condition for the viewer. Perhaps a small glance into the similar disturbed condition of depression.

Here, open to different interpretation, the organic machine is broken like a machine wheel or human egg where intense emotions and spiritual awakenings/feelings come and go in a snapshot of a tide of glassy black like water washing against bones in an ebb and flow movement. An intuitive way of making art.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

2014 Jan Cleveringa Artwork- "Fade"

2014 Jan Cleveringa- "Fade"
Installation Sculpture,
20,000 T5 Fluoroecscent Light Tubes,
Beams Festival, Chippendale Sydney

“Fade” is a luminous installation artwork about change. It talks about technology being replaced by the new. It is a metaphor for cultural formation where new things like technology, products, words, processes, attitudes, symbols and signals all get shared, digested and either become redundant (or used less) or simply kept as part of the dominant Hegemony, or slowly fade away- depending on its’ usefulness to the consumer or participant having the ability to change the product while it is being shared and digested and as time moves forward.

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

2014 Jan Cleveringa Artwork- "Fade"
Light Installation
NAVA Soup Session 3
My Pitch 29.08.2014
Raising Monies for Art

NAVA Soup Session Pitch 29.08.2014

Hi and welcome everyone…

My name is Jan Cleveringa….

Please come and talk to me anytime…tonight!

I want to talk to you about my passion for creating art. I want to share with you my journey and want you to be part of it….invest in it…. and be part of my trajectory further into the art world.

I have an arts practice that has been going now for a short while and I am a serious F/T... emerging artist.

My art is mostly about cultural change and Australian Identity.

But I will talk about me at the end…..if I have time.

I will get stuck right into it. ….I really ‘NEED’ your money for an art work next month.

I have been accepted into Sydney’s Chippendale… Art Precinct’s …BEAMS Art Festival… it’s next month on the Saturday the 27th. You should all come along as it’s a fantastic night of great new art…they block off about 7 streets and there is a huge range of different art, music and dance. They had 10,000 people see it last year.

Well….my artwork is an installation sculpture that uses light…..but not necessarily electricity.

I HAVE 30,000…. 1.2m ....fluorescent light tubes………………….. My art work has been accepted. ….. I already have them in storage…..on pallets…..My artwork is called….. “FADE”.

FADE talks about ….technology changing and …….slowly becoming redundant over time...FADING...from fluorescent lights to the new cheaper running… environmentally friendlier…LED lights …over time …and ……HOW it impacts on OUR culture and ….HOW we relate to this change. The technology FADES and the NEW comes in.

Fluorescent light was such a big thing…cheap and bright when invented… and now gradually being replaced over time.

FADE….much…. like…. how the mobile phone has created a new social change in our lives…24/7….and where a new language was created ….like OMG, BRB, …LOL …ROFLMAO etc… so too….will new lights also change how we interact at night, in the backyard, entertaining friends etc. ….(Changing light globes also show that we are moving to a Greener Culture).

So…..What do I need??????

I need your investment for a ….

- 4 tonne truck….. Can you imagine the logistics!!!!!
- Some wood panels
- Glue
- Perspex boxes
- Some ….Luminescent paint

- And … for documenting the art work…….. as part of my growing portfolio…. for applying to galleries as well.

So now … you know ……what your money is going too….. directly!

Can you imagine STACKING 30,000 fluoro light globes???? ……..And you can be part of it!!!! ….. Feel them…..imagine them…...

Did I mention….that….I am actually doing this artwork at my own cost and that BEAMS is all unpaid using volunteers. It’s all for the Sydney community. It provides an exciting new spectacle.

So if you want to volunteer….let me know as well….that would be fantastic!

So now… a bit about me….. I am a Western Sydney artist who began as an artist publicly only a few yrs ago…. A late starter.

I have been a constant finalist in some well-respected art prizes like the Blacktown City Art Prize, the Mosman Art Prize, … well as the Campbelltown, The Hawkesbury and other prizes. I am a painter, sculptor, Installation and video artist and my practice keeps exploring and growing.

I was awarded a 6 month Studio Residency at the Blacktown Art Centre last year …… and this year…. I finished a 2 month Studio Residency at the Purple Noon Gallery, at Freemans Reach near Windsor.

I also have a B. Arts from Sydney University majoring in Psychology…I went to Sydney College of the Arts and have a M. Mgt from the University of Technology, Sydney (in Community Management).

But ….. My most important accomplishment is my 4 beautiful kids. All girls.

What else?

I still work as a casual youth worker in Western Sydney but I also used to be a Manager looking after kids in Western Sydney. I ran programs regarding homelessness, young people, women’s refuges, Young Mums, Drug and Alcohol, Juvenile Justice programs and some Aboriginal Services …with… and for …….Aboriginal peoples.

I’ve worked in Community Welfare for about 20 yrs.

I did have a break…. and some people get a little shocked when I tell them…. but I was also a Funeral Director up the Mid north Coast for 2 years…. But that’s more about me ….exploring the world.

PICASSO once said …when asked….”What is your favourite painting ….that you ever did?” and he said, “It’s my next one!”

Overall, ….before my pitch FADE’s into your memories, … I would just like to say thank you all for letting me be part of today and …to my competitors and …everyone from NAVA and 107 for giving me the chance.

Thank you!