Tuesday, 20 May 2014

2013 Jan Cleveringa
"The Australian Identity Series"
Collage Series

"The You Beaut Country and the Cricket BBQ"
Collage on Paper

This artwork is about the typical Aussie Cricket Barbecue (BBQ or Barbie) where people can be invited over to watch the Cricket on TV either whilst having the BBQ. It might also be a family affair at home.

The use of "The You Beaut Country" text comes not only from a phrase used in Australian culture but also comes from John Olsen's Video documentary some many years ago when he painted Lake Ayers when the rains hit and made the lake massive and full of life (A childhood memory of mine so to say).

The picture, though seemingly humorous using the visual pun of the cricket, is a serious part of Aussie culture in the Summer season and some of the glue that informs Australians that they are Aussies and part of Aussie culture. This may be true for the new migrants too who may learn about Cricket to be less culturally different to others. It exposes one way of fitting into Australian life and an opportunity not to be so different. There are plenty of semiotic undertones and signifiers here into Australian culture, its formation and production, for those theorists amongst us. Perhaps, it's part of the dominant Aussie cultural Hegemony.

Hit it for Six mate!

2013 "A Wilful, Lavish Land Holding up Australia Day"
Collage on Paper

2013 Australian Identity Series
"Scanning the Aussie Meathead My Homing Thoughts Will Fly"
Collage and Paper

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